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Devin Brugman


Product Promotions

Now is your chance to get your product or brand featured in a post or story by Devin Brugman!

Instagram Static Post, 3 IG Stories or bundle!

@devinbrugman - 1.3M followers

Fashion &  Beauty niches

Here's How Our Product Promo Shoutouts Work:

Step 1. You purchase the package you want. A static image post, 3 stories or both.

Step 2. Within 1 business day we will contact you to get more details about your brand or product.

Step 3. We talk to the influencer/celebrity and pitch your product/brand to them to make sure it fits with their brand and following.

Step 4. If the influencer/celebrity agrees, we will contact you to get additional details on the exact messaging you would like, any applicable brand guidelines, timeframes and more. You will ship your product to the influencer if applicable.

Step 5. The influencer/celebrity will do a post and/or stories on Instagram with your product.

Step 6. Monetize!

Now you can use those for social proof, publicity and as creative assets to run ads!

*Note - If the Influencer does not agree to do your promotional post you will be refunded in full.


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