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VIP Influencer Program

Includes both the Celebrity Package and Billion Network Program for maximum exposure, credibility and authority.

Be featured in virtually every major media outlet over a several month period while professional graphic designers and video producers crank out high quality content for you to post on your page and be shared by some of the world's most popular Instagram accounts.  You will experience growth of at least 1,000 new targeted followers per day or more until your account has at least 100,000 new followers.

Only 4 spots available. Buy Now!

Part 1 of 2: Details of what is included with the Celebrity Package:

Detailed list of guaranteed publications and timeline:

Video Interview - In person or via Zoom, professionally edited in 1080p - Live within 7 days or as client schedule allows.

Business Blog Interview - at least 1 (up to 3) entrepreneurship interviews on high ranking blogs - Can be live within 7 days from completed video interview.

CBS News - Dedicated story, includes hot link - Can be live within 30 days.

ABC News - Dedicated story, includes hot link - Can be live within 30 days.

NBC News - Dedicated story, includes hot link - Can be live within 30 days.

FOX News - Dedicated story, includes hot link - Can be live within 30 days.

Yahoo News - Dedicated story, includes hot link, photo, video/VSL - Can be live within 30 days.

SelfGrowth.com - Interview and/or key worded blog post, ranks high - Can be live within 30 days. 

INC.com - Full company profile, ranks high, helps process of entering company into INC5000. 

Entrepreneur.com - Full or shared feature, includes links, can be live in 2018 if Dec 12th deadline is met. 

BuzzFeed - Full feature or shared feature, includes photos and links. 

Forbes - Full feature or shared feature, may include photos and links. 

Wikipedia/IMDB Advisory - Will teach you how to use above articles to establish IMDB and Wikipedia pages, necessary for Verification. 

Podcasts - Will get you booked on at least 1 podcast.


* Although some clients' stories make it to television, Guarantee applies only to digital publications.

** $100,000 Value based on top publications pricing of "Content Partner" programs. 

Privacy - your privacy is guaranteed. All clients' information and use of this service is kept confidential.


Part 2 of 2: Details of what is included with the Billion Network Program:

Gain at least 100,000 real, targeted followers within 3 months, guaranteed- using the "iPhone and Cash Giveaway" method, based on the strategy that has been successfully used by radio stations, marketers and television gameshows to attract and retain audiences since the inception of media. 

Part 1: We audit or establish your Instagram account and target niche. 

Part 2: We collaborate with you to develop brand voice, content and posting schedule.

Part 3: We begin posting regularly on your behalf using Instagram's best practices.

Part 4: We collaborate with you to create several short, branded giveaway videos.

Part 5: We connect with influencers with audiences in your target demographic and promote the giveaway videos on to their followings.  Currently our network of influencers including many celebrities has more than 1,000,000,000 followers and is growing exponentially every day.

Part 6: We manage the giveaways, ship prizes, and produce testimonial videos.

Part 7: We will generate you at least 1,000 new followers per day that will be actively engaged in your stories, posts, and visit your website.

Part 8: We will actively optimize the campaign and manage the content to ensure your content retains the followers and engagement.

Limited spots available per industry. Buy Now!